Who we are

Based in St. Louis, Missouri¬†the company was founded in 1950 by Stanley McCay in order to fill the U.S. Government’s need for contract manufacturers during the post World War II aerospace and defense retooling era.

McCay Tool quickly became known as a quality manufacturer and won a prestigious contract to produce the warhead for the Raytheon designed Patriot Missile, thereby establishing itself as one of the premier U.S. defense contract manufacturers.

Over the years, McCay Tool & Engineering has continued its growth to become a world class manufacturing company specializing in precision machined parts for the major aerospace companies as well as the U.S. Government and its allies.

We are well positioned in the aerospace industry to offer a manufacturing network which brings value-added products using the latest technologies to our customers.


What we do

For those customers needing reverse engineering, we offer a sophisticated portable scanning system, which can take any part and convert it to a “water tight” digital CAD model for future manufacturing or redesign.

Our in-line inspection department ensures speedy first piece inspections on all our lots creating a quality inspection solution for closed-loop manufacturing.

A robust ERP software system is used to track all customer contracts through every stage of the manufacturing process allowing for flexible scheduling and quick changes in priorities needed by our customers in an ever-changing business climate.

McCay Tool & Engineering is also equipped to handle consumption based ordering contracts/agreements for customers who would like us to manage their inventory for them.

Our focus is on the continuous improvement of our manufacturing process in the demanding aerospace industry, and our mission is to ensure future growth through the strong relationships with our customers and suppliers