Fabrication: Full Welding department with certified welders

Fabrication is a key to our industry, and we stay updated with industry advancements both in terms of our training and our facilities. With years of experience in welding fabrications, McCay Tool and Engineering offers services for aerospace and defense manufacturers. McCay has over 70 years of combined experience in fabricating assemblies such as Hydraulic and Pneumatic Assemblies among others.

The McCay team are aerospace fabrication service experts, and have innovative experience to turn digital data into a variety of aerospace fabrication prototypes, models and components that communicate and validate our customer’s vision. Our highly skilled, certified aircraft welder fabricators have decades of experience.

Fabricating components for the defense industry is a high-focus endeavor, and our clients trust that we will meet their needs with customized solutions. We do this while keeping costs to a minimum and delivering on the highest quality standards. We understand the rigorous standards and deadlines that must be met on a defense welding project and we strive exceed these for every project.

McCay employs sheet metal technology to bend, punch, and cut standard gauge metals for both rapid prototypes and low to high-volume production runs. From prototypes to assemblies to finishing options, we are tracking with your order and concentrating on every detail, model design, and production stage. We strive to shorten the cycle time and ensure on-time delivery to positively impact speed to market – whether it’s a one-off prototype or 1,000 production parts.

Why Choose Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication at McCay?

  • Capabilities in fabrication, machining and finishing enable us to offer one-stop shopping
  • Sheet metal fabrication materials provide durable parts for prototype and end-use
  • A wide selection of material and surface metal finishing or treatment processes
  • Accurate dimensions and specifications based on your demands and a variety of instruments
  • No minimum order quality. You can order a prototype up-to thousands of metal parts

Our partners in the military sector choose us for our expertise in sheet metal fabrication and welding. Our highly trained staff of engineers, machinists, and welders work diligently from project start to finish to bring each of our clients the best possible final product.

We perform strict quality inspections on all of defense welding services projects. Based on this, MCay has been awarded an extensive list of qualifications from a large number of customers and is extremely well respected within the aerospace community.

What is Fabrication?

Fabrication is the process of shaping (or “fabricating”) raw or semi-raw materials into new products as opposed to using ready-made components. Metal fabrication in particular involves cutting, bending or fusing various metals into very precise three-dimensional shapes.

What is Mil-Spec Welding?

This a Resistance Welding Standard developed and published by and for the United States Military as a basis for Quality Assurance of Critical Resistance Welded Joints. McCay adheres to Mil-Spec Resistance Welding Standards and Guidelines for all of our defense related project.

This assures the optimum quality of the weld and validates the capability and repeatability of a resistance welding machine used where weld quality is vital in the manufacturing of critical parts, as in the defense and military industries.