McCay has over 70 years of combined experience in fabricating assemblies such as Hydraulic and Pneumatic Assemblies among others. We have the capabilities to provide sub-assemblies and final assembled products shipped directly to you or your customer.

We offer a full range of assembly options including high-tech mechanical, automated cable assemblies, and high-quality manual assembly. Our flexibility allows us to evaluate various alternatives, providing you with the optimum assembly solution to meet your program’s timeline, volume and budget. Our assembly work cells and flexible work force allow us to handle large and small assembly jobs in a turnkey manner.

Our skilled technicians can choose from a range of state-of-the art technologies to form detailed sheet metals with Six Sigma and Lean principles. This result in optimizing efficiency and securing significant time and cost savings for customers. From CNC machining to sheet metal bending, blanking and forming, after being precisely manufactured to your specifications, component parts are assembled in-house to meet industry standards.  Our technicians deploy a range of fastening and riveting techniques using processes designed in-house.

Our staff has the experience in assembly-line layout and design. In all of our operations and processes, we employ ergonomic considerations along with LEAN techniques to ensure the best utilization of capacity and overall quality. Our manual manufacturing lines include digital operator build books, in-house tools and fixtures, and verified checks designated by our quality management system.

Benefits of partnering with McCay for your Assemblies:

  • A Check-To-Check Approach to Quality
  • Machining/Trimming
  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Finish Coating, Primer & Paint
  • Mechanical & Electrical Test Verification
  • Special Packaging & Kitting
  • Quality manual assembly
  • In-house automation design, build and maintenance
  • High-tech multicomponent sub-assembles
  • Supply multiple SKUs or unique identifiers in final packaging

Our facility houses a 10k sq.ft. Assembly department for rivet installation, click-bond, bearing installs, kitting and more. Our deliverables include:

  • Mechanical Assemblies
    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Assemblies
    • Proof load and cycle testing
  •  Riveting
    • Rivet Plate Installation

McCay also has the ability To “Kit” Parts For Higher Assemblies

You’ll receive your product in a kit right at the point of use when you need it, eliminating the need to warehouse.

  • Wing kits
  • Landing gear kits
  • Longeron kits
  • Door latch kits